About us

“Heiwa (Peace) 平和” – freedom from disturbance; tranquility

A heartwarming story about (Our Founder)

It was the year 2004, A young student in desperate need of getting his life together applied to a university in Japan for his higher education but unfortunately after getting his visa rejected multiple times with no other option left and in need of a job having Japanese Language proficiency level 3 he decided to put his Japanese language skills to good use and work in the tourism industry as a tour guide, while working as a tour guide he meets a noble Japanese citizen who helps him get into a university in Japan, while studying in Japan Mr. Janaka Perera decided to start his own foreign language institute knowing the hardship of getting into a university abroad he decided to help young students achieve their goals. In 2007 he started “Heiwa International Foreign Language Institute” successfully sending over 2000 students to various countries he is one of the leaders in the Sri Lankan foreign education industry. He became the creator of Heiwa International Foreign Language Institute by his sincere effort, within a short period of time in the foreign educational field and is loved unconditionally by students all over the country and has gained respect by everyone across the island and overseas.

Ms. Lekha Waidyasekara.

She is just 23 years old and has gained a lot of knowledge by traveling to 8 different countries from which most foreigners visit Sri Lanka. She has obtained a degree in Human Resource Management from the St. Petersburg University in Russia and has a great impact on our company. She uses extensive measures for the protection and sanitation of the students who migrate overseas, She is loved by students for taking care of them within the country as well as abroad, for instance when a student falls ill or meets with an accident within the country she would look into what’s needed to be done as long as he/she is in the country, which hospital and how he/she should be treated. Then she would later inquire about his/her health long after. Ms. Lekha is a precious asset to our company.

Our Vision

Our institute helps students to go abroad and continue their higher studies while earning a healthy amount to cover their day to day expenses and even save up for their future, we can guarantee that our institute will help students in every possible way to make their future a bright one.    

Our Mission

We Heiwa International provide the highest quality and the most effective foreign education consulting to create well educated students and prepare them for their future. Our goal is to make a brighter future for our students.


Mr. Janaka Perera

Managing Director


Mrs. Lekha Waidyasekara

Director & Secretary


Mrs. Dilani Waidyasekara

Chief Executive Officer